A few pictures…

I’m in Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region for G&RI team meetings this weekend. I have actually had culture shock coming from Kpandai to the bustling city of Tamale: cars? taxis? vegetables? stores? fast internet? It is so crazy! Since I have access to decently fast internet, I’m posting a few pictures! Most of them were taken by my young host children so the quality isn’t so great, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

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6 thoughts on “A few pictures…

  1. Terrific pictures. The hairdo looks wonderful and easy to look after. With this be the new look for the next year? You are wearing jeans – is it not too hot? How was the weekend in Tamalae.

  2. Hey Allie er i mean Joyce

    Finally got internet in the house and finally able to read all your stuff. Sounds amazing and the pictures look cool. I am soso on the hairdo just because if your like that for a year I cant even imagine what its going to look like when you take them out. POOF!

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