First Moto Lesson

Hey everyone! How? (Ghananglish translation: how are you?)

I just wanted to put up a quick post to share a video I made of my recent adventure involving a motorcycle. I probably won’t be riding a motorcycle regularly because I don’t have field work, but I really wanted to try it out while I had a willing teacher. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m in Tamale right now meeting with other teammates and EWBers and sticking around until the EWB West Africa Retreat next week in Bolga (woo! A new place to explore!).

Stay tuned!



11 thoughts on “First Moto Lesson

  1. Hey Alex,

    Great little clip to watch to start up my day here in Van. Very proud of your steady improvement throughout the video πŸ™‚ you are a champ! When I come to visit you will have to drive me around town and we will sing our favourite Cee Lo Green song together!

    Much love,

  2. Joyce!!! Thanks for the new post! I miss you and your awesomeness. Thanks for sharing the video, it really brightened my day πŸ™‚

  3. Well, maybe if you had ridden your bicycle alot more in Toronto you would be able to stay on the bike!!!! Where was the lesson on braking! looks very cute.

  4. omg that was hilarious thank you for sharing that with the world!!

    dont worry you will be zipping around ghana in no time. and then you will come back here and buy a motorcycle (the parents will love that).

    hope your having a good time.

    love nig

  5. Ahahaha ok I’m definitely making Janna watch this to make sure she NEVER lets you get a team moto!! Hahaha oh MAN!! It’s true, you’re a natural.
    What doesn’t look natural is the amount of smoke coming out of the back of that thing… tell Siera she needs to get it tuned up!
    Haha love you AJ.

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