Ingredients of Good Governance

I was asked by Rebecca, a student at the University of Alberta who is part of the Engineers Without Borders student chapter there to put together a quick video on the ingredients of good governance and thought I should share!

I honestly had a bit of hard time. Governance is such a wide-ranging concept, and I always feel that I need to look up the definition whenever anyone is talking about it. Probably not the best thing to admit considering my team name begins with the word ‘governance’ (Governance and Rural Infrastructure), but I think it is because there are so many concepts, approaches, initiatives, etc. that could fall under the heading. Where to begin when talking about governance? Or good governance?

Ingredients of Good Goveranance

What do you guys think? Any thoughts on governance? Do you agree with the five pillars? I am most excited by the concept of Performance as it relates to my role here working with Ghanaian government. I find it interesting that the UN Development Program throws in Responsiveness as a key indicator of performance. Gah, enough of my opinions! Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Ingredients of Good Governance

  1. Like you said. you always feel the need to look up the definition of governance. I feel the same way and in fact looked it up before reading this post. lol.

    Breaking it down into 5 pillars is great because it creates measurable sectors and each pillar can help strengthen the other. For instance, having strong performance and accountability reviews may deter politicians from taking bribes, especially if the public are effectively educated about their workings (which bring transparency into question).

  2. How do the pillars tie into GARI’s work in evidence-based decision making? If you map the relationships, are there gaps? Does GARI have a different view on “successful governance” if you look at it that way? Just some thoughts, I’ll be thinking about it too 😉

  3. Hello!
    Stummbled upon this blog when looking for the temperment and emotionality of Ghanaians. I am sure the work you’re doing is helping them immensly!

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