Pounding Fufu Pt. 2

I know I’ve already written a post on my attempts at pounding fufu, so I didn’t want to post again on the same topic. But honestly, I just can’t get over the process of making this delicious starch! In Kpandai, there was a chop bar (small restaurant serving fufu and soup) that I would pass on my way to work in the morning, and each morning the women would be pounding fufu to prepare for the lunch rush. It was a sound and a sight that I came to love in my morning routine. On one of my last few days in Kpandai, I was able to snap this video of the magic and coordination involved in pounding fufu.

In Tamale (where I live now) fufu is usually made with a mixture of yam and cassava (or sometimes even plantain – as the south of Ghana prefers). I can’t say it is anywhere near as delicious as the 100% yam fufu I grew accustomed to in Kpandai. I’ll just have to go back sometime soon!

Do you think you could be one of the four to pound? I feel sorry for the yams.

Pounding fufu in Kpandai

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