I’m still alive!

Dearest readers,

N be pung a mung a pom! (I have not done well at talllllll)! I haven’t written a blog post in way too long and it isn’t the best. The longer you don’t write a blog, the more you feel you have to write to catch people up, the more your situation and context changes and then you’re overwhelmed and so you don’t write one and then it becomes a lovely feedback loop of not writing blog posts. And so there I’ve arrived.

But today I am taking the plunge, writing my first blog post in many, many months and commit to writing more over the next few months. Next few months you say? Yes! Why, in fact! That does mean I’m staying in Ghana past my one year mark (due at the end of July) – can you believe I’ve been here almost 11 months? Nope, me either! And I love Ghana, am passionate about my work and have too much still to learn from my colleagues to leave now. My wonderful parents are coming to visit in October and I’ll have a chance to share with them Ghana and their first experience on this continent that I can’t seem to get enough of.

Anyway, all of that to come. I love reading your comments and sharing my experience with you. I’ve been extremely busy over the last few months and have tons of learnings to try and articulate. I’m proud of the work that my team is doing and what we’ve accomplished so far in 2012.

Stay tuned and don’t give up on me!

Abdul-Basit and I with two baby sheep from our compound (March 2012)

Baby sheep!


3 thoughts on “I’m still alive!

  1. So when mama and papa Joyce come down in Oct …. u gonna teach them how to pound fufu and more importantly how to Azonto? right? lol

    ps. baby sheep are awesome!

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