The Start of Something Big

I’ll admit it. I have avoided writing a post about my work. After not writing about my work since I was in Kpandai in October of last year, I was dreading the thought of having to summarize eleven months of work in which: I moved cities, I moved levels of government, I switched partners, we scaled one of our programs to half of the Northern Region, we had our team leader leave unexpectedly, we went through a theory of change process in which we completely changed team strategy, we had transition of over half our team, we finally (after eight months of self-leadership) found a new team leader, we hired and managed six short-term Ghanaian technical assistants, we had five Canadian Junior Fellows with our program over the summer… I could continue, but phew, suffice it to say that it has been a busy year! If I wrote about it all, it would be the most giant, boring, unreadable post ever. So I just avoided writing about work (which worked out to not writing at all).

I realize this is not optimal for me or my readers. SO I am committing to break down different parts of my work and write about it; work that I’m passionate about and what to share with you, because I think G&RI is making a difference in supporting public institutions to better provide services to constituents.

I am thinking about breaking my work into a few appropriate-length-blog-sized chunks:

  • District Data System program – my main change-creation project with my partner, the RPCU
  • G&RI’s Theory of Change – our mental model of Ghana government, where it could move to better provide services and our unique role/value in that move
  • G&RI Principles and Values – what we believe and our guiding values
  • Consulting Model – the how of our Theory of Change, what hypotheses we’re testing
  • District Change – recent examples of what we’re trying at the district level

Does that sound interesting or useful? Any other ideas or requests of what you’d like me to write about?

Here is a sneak peak that will appeal to the engineers in the crowd (yep, we’re nerds on the G&RI team).


I’ll also try to write more about life in Ghana. I recently photo-documented making fufu and groundnut soup with my host family so look for that soon!

I am looking forward to sharing with you!


3 thoughts on “The Start of Something Big

  1. I am so happy that you are alive and well. I presume that your malaria is gone…if not for good …at least for now. I love to hear all about the life in Ghana….the engineering stuff is a bit over my head. do send us some stuff on the trip when your parents arrive. Love from all the Palk Warwicks.
    Ps this note is being sent from Bordeaux where we are cycling. tomorrow we are on our way to cycle in the Dordogne……many memories of a vacation many years ago with you and your family. Stay well

  2. I am most excited to read these blog posts: District Data System program; the RPCU
    G&RI’s Theory of Change; District Change
    That is my vote in which posts to prioritize. Not sure if that is what I wanted but thought it might help in where to start.

  3. Hi Alex. Your blog link was sent to me by Amulya when she knew that I’d be visiting Ghana this month. I’m associated with a cotton farming based at Tamale. Got great insights about the country from your blog. And keep up the good work.

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